1 Corinthians 5

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New Testament

GTFO Bad Kitteh!

1 I hearz there is rong harblez in ur church, d00dz doin thingz even teh paganz dont do. Liek dis wun d00d is puttin harblez wif his daddi's wief. HARBLEZ NOT GO THERE!2 N u iz all liek "O graet!" Why u not kickz him out?3 I iz not even there but I iz wit u in spirit, so I can sez "Kickz him out!"4 Get togethr5 n gif dat d00d to Tacgnol so he can be saveded! Not so Tacgnol can be saveded LOL, to save dat d00d.

6 U bragz too much! U know a litl catnip maeks teh whole toi excitin.7 Get rid of the old catnip so u can be a new toi wifout it. Datz what u iz aniwai. Bcz Christ, our babi sheep, has been sacrafiseted.8 So letz have te feest. No old catnipz tho. It wuz bad. Just cookiez of truthz.

9 I rieted u n sez "Dont hang wif peeplz who put harblez teh wrong placez.10 I dont meen peeplz who is not in teh church tho, dey dont know betterz.11 But doant let dem in teh church. If sum d00d in teh church is actin bad, doant evn eat cookies wif him.

12 It iznt my jobz to juj peeplz outsied teh church. Just insidez.13 God will juj teh wunz outsied. "Thro teh bad d00dz out"

1 Corinthians 5
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