1 Corinthians 8

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New Testament

Cookies Plaicd B4 Idles

1 Now letz talk about cookies dat peepl givz idolz. Idolz dunt eat LOL. Enniwai we all knowz stuffz. Knowing stuffz maeks u stuck up. Love maeks u liftid up.2 If u thinkz u know sumthingz u doant.3 But if u luvz Ceiling Cat, he luvz u too.

4 So back to teh idolz.5 Sum peepl sez dere are lotz of godz.6 Not for us tho. We jus haz Ceiling Cat.

7 But not evriwun knows dat yet. Sum peeple freek about cookies dat wuz givn to idolz.8 But cookiez maek no differns to Ceiling Cat. Eat, dont eat, duzint matter.

9 But be caerful not to confuz peeplz.10 Liek if sumwun who duzint know seez u eated teh idolz' cookiez, dey miet get teh rong ideaz.11 N den dey getz destroid bcz of u.12 Dat maeks Jesus sad.13 So if eatin cookies maeks sumwun get losted, I woant eated dem. Itz not bcz cookiez is bad itz bcz I doant want no wun gettin losted.

1 Corinthians 8
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