1 Corinthians 9

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New Testament

Apossels can has rites

1 Is i not free? Is i not wun of Jebuzez d00dz? Haz I not seed Jebuz? Iz ur chuch not r rezult of mai workz? Kweschunz iz wurth ten pointz eachiz.2 I maded ur chuch, shurli I iz importantz to u.

3 Dose who iz critisizin mi, lissn to dis.4 We haz riet to cookies n milk, riet?5 We haz riet to wief or husbnd liek evribodi else, riet?6 Or duz jus me n Barnabas haz to wurk for a livin?

7 Soljrz getz paid, n farmerz n cowboiz.8 Datz what teh law sez.9 Moses writed: "Do not put a muzzle on teh moos whiel it iz workin". Bcz dey uset to maek teh moos work wif teh wheet. But now it iz all tractrz n factreez. Enniwai teh point iznt about moos.10 Itz about peeplz. Dey should get paidz.11 I saveded u all, shouldn I get paid sumthing?

12 Ur payin othr peeplz after all. We iz jus workin for Ceiling Cat iz not gettin paid.13 Othr peeplz iz gettin paid.14 Well, Ceiling Cat sez we getz paid too, kthx?

15 It iz ruff to be me.16 I gotz to tell about Ceiling Cat or I getz sad.17 I spoze I getz sum riward.18 I iz givin awai teh good newses about Jebuz for free.

19 I iz free but i maekz maiself evribodi's slaev.20 I iz a Jew to teh Jews.21 I is a Gentile to teh Gentilez.22 I iz weak to teh weak. U getz teh idea.23 It getz me cheezburgr. I be an hiro

24 In a race evribodi runz but onli wun getz teh priez.

25 Dey work hard to get teh medul. (But if dey taekz steroidz dey haz to givv it bak.) We iz workin hard to get a bettr priez. It will last forevr.26 I iz not just runnin around or wavin mai pawz in teh air.27 I work hard to maek mai bodi mai slaev so I wil win teh priez.

1 Corinthians 9
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