1 Thessalonians 2

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New Testament

1 Did kno kittehs that we didz not failz at yer place.2 We didz get hurtz and callz namez in Philpi, but we tellz you about Ceiling Cat while you peltz eggs.3 We luvz Ceiling Cat - no lies.4 RLY, We tellz u not for u but for Ceiling Cat. [Ceiling Cat tests us.]5 We is telling truth, and Ceiling Cat did see us.6 We do not ask for ear-scratching cheezburger from you. We could ask for cheezburger7 But we did not ask for cheezburger, like cat doesn't take cheezburger from kitteh.8 We did luvz you loadz, and we did share livez.9 And we worked hard, you not 'member?10 You did seez, and so did Ceiling Cat.11 We did treat youz like kittehs,12 so should be living like Ceiling Cat.13 We luvz that you luvz Ceiling Cat, and luvz lolbible!14 And kittehz copiez Ceiling Cat's churches - not like evil j00bs,15 who killz Jebus and invisible ideah kittehz and stoled our bucketz16 so we cudz not talk to lolrusses to tel them bout Ceiling Cat.17 But kittehz, we waz gon, now we back: hurray!18 We wantd to com but Basement Cat did stoppd us.19 Jebus make us happy bout u when he com bak.20 RLY u is our cheezburger

1 Thessalonians 2
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