1 Timothy 3

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New Testament

Bishopz. How 2 B 1.

1 Iz faythful 2 sai "sum cat wantz 2 be bishop, he wantz 2 do importnt thingz."2 Bishopz should be good guyz, hav only 1 grrl, be clean n sober n be good teecherz n stuff;3 dey shouldnt fite n dey shouldnt luv munny,4 n dey should be good dadz5 (cuz if dey cant taek care of a hous how can dey take care of Ceiling Cat's hous?)6 n dey should be smrt n experyencd cuz othrwize dey might get tempted by Tacgnol.7 Also othr cats should liek dem 4 da same reezun.

Deecunz 2.

8 Iz also gud 4 deecunz 2 b srs guyz, not tell liez or liek wine or munny 2 much,9 dey should hav a pure conscience n be faythful n stuff.10 Let em show 1st "hey guyz I pwn" n den let em be deecunz.11 Also grrlz shuld be srs and faythful in all things.12 Deecunz should have only 1 grrl, n be good 2 their kittenz n housez.13 If dey R good deecunz den ppl will giv dem mad propz, n dey will hav lots of fayth in Christ Jebus.

14 I tel u dis n I wanna come see u soon k?15 But if I cant come for a wile its ok, cuz u no how kittiez should behave in Ceiling Cat's hous.16 Ceiling Cat iz a big mystery:

He wuz born n made flesh,

justified in da spirit,

aynjelz saw him,

ppl preeched him evrywhere,

ppl believed in him,

n he went up to da ceiling.

1 Timothy 3
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