1 Timothy 4

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New Testament

1 Ok so Ceiling Cat sez in da End Timez sum ppl will turn away from fayth by lissening to EEEEVIL SPIRTS n bad instrukshns

2 cuz bad kittehs wif bad consciences tells liez to dem.

Wawnin Aginst Teh Fals Teechas of Teh Lawl

3 Dese liarz sai "no can gets married!" an "no can has gushy fudz!" even tho Ceiling Cat makeded gushy fudz for evweewun.4 Evrything Ceiling Cat makeded iz gud, an we can has any of it if we says "hi Ceiling Cat ur great kthx!!1!"5 When we says that, we makes it holy.6 If u tellz other kittehs about dis, dat makes u a good minister for Christ Jebus; ur fayth in his teechings is gud liek gushy fudz.7 Dont lissen to dirty or dumb storiez about Ceiling Cat. U shuld practis devoshun,

8 cuz its ok to be strong, but devoshun iz better cuz den u wil hav life now an after u dy.9 Its true, srsly!10 We werk so hard 4 dis cuz we believe in Ceiling Cat. He gonna save everyone, speshully us cuz we believe.11 Teech othr kittehs bout dis.

Ceiling Cat's Grase to Paul

12 Dont let any1 talk smack bout u just cuz ur a kitten. B a gud exampl for othr kittehs, in speech n action n luv n fayth n purity.13 I'll be dere soon, but til I get dere, keep reeding n teeching n talking 2 other kittehs.14 Dont 4get da gift u has. It was giveded 2 u by gud kittehs.

15 Yu need tihnk bout tehse stuff wen yur awake. Also when takin teh kitteh naps. Alwayz! Den when yu getz teh treatz, teh othah kittez will knowz yu wuz gud kitteh.16 An remembah yu can haz teh napz an can haz teh fud and teh napz and fud (Iz sai naps?). An don forgetz wat Ceiling Cat sayz. Srsly. Cuz yu do wut Ceiling Cat sayz and den yu can comez to teh ceiling. An can bringz yur freindz!

1 Timothy 4
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