2 Corinthians 1

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New Testament

1 Paul iz Jesus Christ homee, K? Only coz Ceiling Cat wants it. So does Timothy - sumwun's bro. Thru Chrch the Ceiling Cat in this plays Corinth and all Hovr Peeple and Saynts in Achaia.

2 Greys and pees from Ceiling Cat and hardcore homee Jeebus.

3 The Ceiling Cat ov all Soft Pillos and Cats in Racks (rly comfutabl playses, k?)

4 So biggin it up for Ceiling Cat. He ttally wants you to have comfutabl playses and many Cheezburgrs. Ceiling Cat comfits u wen ur homeez give you truble. Also, so u can comfit :( homeez wen they need chring up.

5 U no how Chryst was all "ow!" and "forgive them Ceiling Cat, don't thay no hoo Iam?" and u feels hiz hurts? Well, u can feels hiz Cheezburgrz and comfit 2

6 If u get :( is just so you can be :) agen. Plus, u ttally needz to get :-( soz u can feel rlly :-) wen good thingz hpn. U just needz to be chillaxed and pashent wen :-( and trust Ceiling Cat.

7 We ttally have bigbig lolz and hopez and dreemz for u. Coz even tho u are all "ow!" u lik soft pillos and racks lik uz for cumfit.

8 Wez up in azia with dem azns and der mad cat-fu skillz. Dey up in our housez takin our pillos. And wez be all :-(.

9 But wez totally gonnnna die! Ceiling Cat be making mad zombies.

10 Ev time we pwned, Celing Cat go Zombie Masta on us an raise us again, K?

11 an use can all watch an pur in joi for us and for mews to Celing Cat too make all hapn.

The Postponement of Paul's Visit

1 12 We b tr00ful, srly. Like Ceiling Cat himself, no rly! Nd evn MOAR trooful to u.

1 13 Caws we write nufink utha dan wot u wead n understnd; crap I hope u get it.

1 14 nah u got it sum of it anywayz-that on da dai uf da Lord Hover Cat, we your happi-proud mew as uuse r owse.

2 Corinthians 1
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