2 Corinthians 10

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New Testament

1 Oh hai. Iz me Paul. I beesechez u by teh meekness and gentleness of Jebus, who in hiz prezenz am base among u, but az i iz absent i iz bold towards all youz:2 But also i beeseechez u, dat i doant be bold against other peepz dat thinkz bout us az if we walkz in teh fleshs.3 LOLZ! Even tho we walkz in teh flesh, we doant war in teh fleshs.4 (cuz teh wepunz of ur warfarez are not carnul, but can pwn thru the powr of teh Ceiling Cat)5 U can haz power to cast down imajinashuns an all thos big things dat exaltz demselfs gainst teh knowingz of teh Ceiling Cat, and capturing evry thot to teh obedienz of Jebus,6 and being reddy to punish when peeple disobeyz, when ur obeedienz iz complete.

Ur doing it wrong.

7 Look all u sillyz! If any of youz thinkz dat he belongz 2 Jebus, he needz 2 remember dat we 2 iz belonging 2 Jebus. Srsly.8 4 even if i bragz a lil 2 much dat i can has authority, which teh Ceiling Cat gavez 4 giving u cheezburgers and all dat stuff and not to hurtz u, i cant has shamez.9 i doant want to be teh scary with my letterz.10 4 they sayz, "Hiz letterz are rilly gud, but his body iz weak like lil kitteh, an he is teh suckz at speeking.11 Let all dem knowz dat what we say by letterz when we r gone, we do when we r there.12 Not dat we darez 2 compare us with sum of those peepz dat think dey so big. When dey measurez demselves by one another and comparez to each other, dey doant understand anything.

Doant brag 2 much

13 But doant boast if u no has limits, only boast with regardz 2 teh influence dat u got frum teh Ceiling Cat.14 4 we doant stretch ourselves 2 much, cuz we didnt reach u. we are coming as far as we canz to preech teh gospels of Jebus.15 we doant brag bout tings dat other peepz has done, but we can has hope when we has moar faith, and then u will likez us better.16 This is for preeching teh gospels in dose other reejuns, but not to brag about what other peeps has done.17 "When u boastz about ur stuffz, boast in teh Ceiling Cat."18 Cuz it iz not the dat one dat boastz a lot about hiz self dat getz teh big cheezburger, but teh one who teh Ceiling Cat commendz.

2 Corinthians 10
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