2 Corinthians 3

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New Testament

 1 Iz we doin' our own lulz again? Or duz we needs lulz from other peeps like some kitteh?2 Youz is our forevah lulz, that ever'body readz.3 Youz iz lulz from teh great Ceiling Cat, and he madez you into a lulz instead ov makin' lulz wit payper and stuff.

 4 We haz big harbls, cuz Ceiling Cat gots our back.5 We iz but teensy kitteh, but Ceiling Cat is bigbig kitteh, so we can acts big.6 He makes us acts big so we can give lulz bout new promiss, not a payper promiss but a ghost kitteh promiss dat we can haz way more den 9 lives.

Why new promiss teh r0x0r

 7 Now teh old promiss wuz pretty gud, an Israelites was thinkin' Moses was all shiny and hard to lookz at,8 but our promiss is SO shiny, OMG.9 Teh old promiss wuz all bout kickin' butt, but teh new promiss is bout bein gud kitteh forevah.10 And teh old shiny is not shiny n e moar, cuz our shiny is so bling it way kuler.11 And our shiny is teh forevah shiny, and your old shiny wuz not, so nuh.

 12 So cuz our shiny iz so neat, we iz brave like big jungle kitteh.13 We no hide our shiny like that pussy Moses, tryin' to protect teh Israelites.14 Cuz teh Israelites can't see teh shiny in the old promise, so ours iz moar gud.15 Even just talking 'bout Moses make Israel kitteh go to sleep.16 But we wakes dem up when they hearz bout Ceiling Cat.17 Ceiling Cat is like, sorta Ghost Cat, and Ghost Cat brings freedum.18 And us kitteh who not hide our shiny lookz more like Ceiling Cat every day.

2 Corinthians 3
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