2 Corinthians 6

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New Testament

1 As ceilin cats fellow werkers we urge u not 2 receiv ceilin cats grace in vain. 2for he sez, "in da tiem ov mah favor i herd u, An in da dai ov salvashun i helpd u."[a] i tell u, nao iz teh tiem ov ceilin cats favor, nao iz teh dai ov salvashun.

Pauls Sayz DO NOT WANT!

3 We put no stumblin block in anyonez path, so dat r ministry will not be discreditd.4 Rathr, as servants ov ceilin cat we commend ourselvez in evry wai: in great endurance; in troublez, hardships an distresez;5 in beatings, imprisonments an riots; in hard werk, sleeples nitez an hungr;6 in purity, understandin, patience an kindnes; in da sincere luv;7 in truthful speech an in da powr ov ceilin cat; wif weapons of mass righteousnes (WMRs) in da rite hand an in da left;8 through glory an dishonor, bad report an gud report; genuine, yet regardd as impostors;9 known, yet regardd as unknown; dyin, an yet we liv on; beaten, an yet not killd;10 sorrowful, yet always rejoicin; poor, yet makin lotz da rich; havin nothin, an yet posessin evrythin.11 We has spoken freely 2 u, corinthianz, an opend wide r hearts 2 u.12 We r not withholdin r affecshun frum u, but u r withholdin yours frum us.13 As fair exchange - i speek as 2 mah children - open wide ur hearts also.

Do not be yokd wif unbelievers

14 Do not be yokd togethr wif unbelievers. 4 wut do righteousnes an wickednes has in common? Or wut fellowship can light has wif darknes?15 What harmony iz thar tween christ an belial[b]? Wut doez believr has in common wif an unbelievr?16 What agreement iz thar tween teh temple ov ceilin cat an idols? 4 we r teh temple ov teh livin ceilin cat. As ceilin cat has sed: "im gonna liv wif them an walk among them, an im gonna be their ceilin cat, an they will be mah peeps."[c]17 "therefore come out frum them An be separate, sez teh lord. Touch no unclean ting, An im gonna receiv u."[d]18 "im gonna be fathr 2 u, An u will be mah sons an daughters, sez teh lord almighty."[e]

Teh Footnotez

  • a - 2 corinthianz 6:2 isaiah 49:8
  • b - 2 corinthianz 6:15 greek beliar, variant ov belial
  • c - 2 corinthianz 6:16 lev. 26:12; jer. 32:38; ezek. 37:27
  • d - 2 corinthianz 6:17 isaiah 52:11; ezek. 20:34,41
  • e - 2 corinthianz 6:18 2 samuel 7:14; 7:8
2 Corinthians 6
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