2 Corinthians 7

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New Testament

1 Caws we gots dese pwomises kittehs, lets lickses owselfs clean, in Ceiling Cat's oner.

2 Makes uz a cuddlsez bed, cauz we nevew scwatchded pplz or eated dere cookiez.3 Ur liek in meh harts livvin or not.4 ai can tawk to yu and yu makes me all happies and sleepy an huggytimes for every1.

5 When we gots to Massanonium, we can't has rest, and we cries and fell in teh bathtub, we was real scareded.6 But Ceiling Cat makes sad kittehs purrz, and him made us purrz by Tynas7 and by yuz purrz caus him talks abowt yuz an ia purrz moar.

8 iz maded you cries wif mah lettre, ai almows cwied,9 but i didint cause yuz maded cookiez an was win.10 Showwa watta is maded for washing, but da basement watta is maded for drown.11 Your showwa watta maded yuz licks clean and not dirdi, and yuz was all clean.12 I made yuz cwies so yuz wins for Ceiling Cat.13 Dats why wee purrz but we purrz moar caus of Tynas, cause yuz naps wiff him.

{{verse |14=Yuz rawks an yuz can has cheezburgurs wiff Tynas. |15=ai saiz him is win, him maded yuz a cookie, lol. |16=ai can has purrz cuz yuz is win.

2 Corinthians 7
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