2 Corinthians 8

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New Testament

1 We tellz yuz teh cheezburgrs Ceiling Cat gaveded to kittehs Massenonia2 Dat in a scawwy rainstowm he maded them purrz an they gaveded all dem cookies dough dem was hungee.3 Dem maded tastee cookies,4 and said "can has ai helps?"5 moar than we hoped caus dem do whut Ceiling Cat wanted.6 Titus gaved yuz cookies so yuz gavded dem to pplz.7 Yuz kittehs r pwning, keep giveh deh tastee cookies, kaykay?

8 Ai askde caues yuz all gotta hugses n be niec.9 Yu see whut Jeebus did dere, him gavded all him cookies to yuz untiw him can has no moar, so yuz can has dem.10 Yuz stawtde maded cookies a year ago11 so maded yuz cookies doen nao.12 Do whut yuz cans, no whut yuz cants.13 Ai no wanna biet yuz eers,14 but yuz giffs whut cookiez yuz gots so dem giffs yuz whut cheezburgurs dems gotz, so yuz an dem got enufs.15 Iz witten: "every1 gots enuf,"

16 Meows to deh Ceiling Cat for cheezburgurs an Tynas17 cuz him gaveded yuz cheezburgurs an licksed yuz haedz.18 Weez gaved him bruddre too dat dem sais is win.19 An him is deh noo raomin kittehs to deh pwnage of deh Ceiling Cat.20 No pplz can go wtf caues we giffs ussez cookies21 We "gaveded no liyin cookies in deh siet of deh Ceiling Cat an dem pplz."

22 Weez giveh wiff dem ouwer bwuddah who twustes yuz.23 Tynas wants to maded yuz cookies, an our kittehs awr teh litter of Jeebus.24 So show dem ur cuddelz to teh kittehs.

2 Corinthians 8
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