2 Kings 1

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Old Testament

Elikhat Da Robot Dont Like Azahi Alots!

1 Afta Ahib wuz dead, moby waz mad @ Israil! Grrr!2 So dis guy clled King Azahi fell thru a trap door lolz clumsy!! so he got sick so he sent his postmans n seys 2 tham "go find out wot Balzeebra n tht r sayin about me"3 Meanwhile da hover craft ppl ov Ceiling Cat floted dwn n sed 2 Elikhat da robot " Go meet da kings postmans n tell thum 'Is it coz der aint no Ceiling Cat in Israil? Tht u r doin that?' 4 So says ceiling cat "U shall not get up frum teh bed cos u r too sick so ur gonna die lol soz"5 So da postmans returned n teh king sed 2 thum "Y hav u came bk so soon???" 6 So them seys 2 him "We seens dis guy n he sed 2 us "Go bk 2 da king who sent u n tell um tht he is gonna die" 7 So da king got pissd n sed 2 thum "Wot kinda biiotch tld u deez fings????" 8 N tha peepz told da king "He woz hairy n leathery" n tha king sed "Omgz wtf! I no him!! Its Elikhat tha robot!!!1" 9 So newayz teh king sent him 50 hedgehogs coz he coodnt go coz he was sick memba! neway 1 ov da 50 went up 2 Elikhat tha robot woo waz sittin on a hill n sed 2 him "Oi, man ov Ceiling Cat, get down ere plz" 10 But teh robot answad "If i be man ov Ceiling Cat, let sum fire cum dwn from heven n go all ova u n ur 50 hedghogs" so then outta no wer, fire came out da sky n every1 went on fire n hedgehogs ran bout screamin der heads offf!! 11 So da king sent anotha 50 hedgehogs 2 get teh robot down frm da hill!! "get down frm da hill rite now!!!!" da kings otha frend shotd (cuz teh otha frend got all burnt n dead member n he had 2 send a persun wi da hedgehogs cuz theys cant tok lol) {{verse 12 But da robot sed agen "if i am man ov Ceiling Cat, fire will cum dwn n get ur 50 hogs ov da hedge!!!" so den fire obv came dwn n ever1 waz on fire agen lol oopz }} 13 So da king got antha 50!! dnt he learn?? neway 1 ov the 50 hogs went up da hill n sed 2 da robot " plz dnt get Ceiling Cat 2 puts me n my poor hedgehogs on fire omg plz"14 " I heard wot happnd last tyme n i dont wanna get sum fires on me!" 15 Then a hoover gurl wit wings sent by da Ceiling Cat sed 2 da robot "Go down wi him, dnt be afradi ov him, heres a gun just incase lol" so he went wiv this guy 2 tok 2 da sickking yay!!16 So he sed 2 da king who waz still in bed from bein sick from fallin downs a trap door "look ur gonna die, u just gotta deal wiv it soz" 17 So he went all dead n tht, n then it waz like a few years later, mibi 100 or sumfin but neway there wiz a new king defo. 18 So dis otha guy is king now yay!

2 Kings 1
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