2 Thessalonians 1

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New Testament

1 Ket bros Paul, Silvanus, and Timothy

sez to the chuch of teh Thessalonians in Ceiling Cat teh biggie and teh Jebus:

2 Oh hai, u guise can haz cheezbrgrs an peeces from Ceiling Cat teh biggie and Lod Jebus, kgud? Theys is, cuz you has bin, k.

Thanksing an Praer

3 Alwaise shud be thanksing Ceiling Cat for youse, yo faythe is hasn a flavor an teh luvz ofteh kets an for teh udder guise is wikid an grows the wikidness bigger, ttlysrsly.4 So we rubz ouselves and spray in teh homes of Ceiling Cat celebratin ur pounce and belieevez in all your persimmons and teh whiskas you endure.

5 Ceiling Cat haz teh fair roolz an dis is teh proofs, dis iz wai yu eats cheezbrgrs less so yu kan deserv to livings in teh Ceiling wif Ceiling Cat.6 Cuz Ceiling Cat defnitly laik to beatz up teh alleekats taht beatz yu up, srsly,7 an to maek teh nais bedz fr yuo if yuo iz pwned, wen Lod Jebus showse us frm teh Ceiling wit teh BirdKats dat is suprbuff,8 in teh suprhot brning fiar, dey cums an pwnzors teh alleekats dat dosent lissen to Lod Jebus oar du wht he sayz.9 Alleekats iz gettin PWNZORD 4EVR ZOMG!!11! An dey is being stuk awai frm Ceiling Cat wif teh kitteh door lokkd,10 wen he gose in da howse so hez ken be pettd bai his 3 ones wif hols in dem, an for lukin gud at teh kitteh sho an lissns to da tesstimoanys (Iz not nose wat dat iz, saonds liek makin secks noys LOL).

11 OK, wez alwais prai fr yu, so taht Ceiling Cat maek you gud fr himz to call or txt msg, an maiks evrthngs yuo dose wurk soopr gud,12 4 so Lod Jebus naem maek yuo teh roxxor, an him teh roxxors too LOL, liek Ceiling Cat and Jebus grayce kthxbai.

2 Thessalonians 1
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