2 Thessalonians 3

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New Testament

We Can Has Prayr?

1 O hai gaiz, plz to be prayin fer us so teh massage of teh Pwnz0r is spreaded all quick-liek, juss liek it wuz wif u gaiz.2 O, and pray dat we be devilered frum teh bad d00dz, cuz not everbuddy can has teh faith.3 Dont wurry tho, teh Pwnz0r will purrtect u guyz frum Teh Rly Bad D00d.4 We knowz dat ur doin wut we sez. iz cool.5 May teh Pwnz0r giev u d00dz teh Ceiling Cat's loev and teh Baby Jebuses' purrserverince and stuf. srsly.

Dont Be Teh Lazy, d00dz

6 In teh naem of teh Pwnz0r Baby Jebus, we tellz u, d00dz, not to hang wif any d00dz who are teh lazy and dont do wut we told u to do.7 Srsly, u gaiz gotz to do wut we duz. We wernt lazy, we nevr ate nobuddy's cookiez wifout payin. No wai, d00dz, we werkeded ALL TEH TIEM. srsly.8 Iz not liek we HAD to werk and stuf, we jus wanned to sho u guyz how iz doen.9 Wen we wuz dere, we tolded u d00dz: "if u cant haz werk, u cant haz teh cookiez." (lol pwned)

10 We herd dat sum of ur d00dz wuz in ur town, eatin ur foodz wifout werkin.11 To thoes d00dz: srsly, plz to go be errnin ur cookiez, k?12 And to u udder d00dz, dont get tiered of bein rite and stuf. srsly.

13 If anybuddy duznt lissen to us, dont tawk to him no moar and maek him feel liek teh los0r.14 Dont maek him an emeny tho, cuz hez still ur bro.

Sup? Dis is Paul.

15 May teh Pwnz0r of peese hisself giev u teh peese all teh tiemz. Teh Pwnz0r be wif all u d00dz.16 O hai, I'z Paul. Dis lettr is ritten in mai handriting, wich is how u kno itz me. Dis how I rite, d00dz.17 Teh Grayz of Our Pwnz0r Baby Jebus be wif all u d00dz. Srsly.

2 Thessalonians 3
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