Colossians 3

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Colossians 3

1 Youse dun nappin wit Ceiling Cat, lookey up, atta boy catz nexta right mittenz of Ceiling Cat.

2 Luvin ceilin, nadda stuffz onna Urths.

3 Youse ded, An urine da Sky Catz namd Ceiling Cats.

4 Win Sky Catz, yupper, himz cummin, den youse meow wit him so happy, srsly.

5 RAWR atta udder catz onna urth; PENIS GOES WHERE?, ikky furs, leg humpin, badbad wanta urths stuffs, anna yer stuffs, dats Billy Idol, like STFU d00dz:

6 Fur stuffz Ceiling Cats maddr den hell atta bad kittys, srsly:

7 Dats U der Iz yammern bout, youse crashed atta der plaze, meow.

8 Youse dun now; RAWR, hiss-hiss, scratchy, WTF, yammerin litterboxz mouth.

9 Donna lye, lookey lazy old peeps;

10 Anna newbie, him no stuffz bout lookin lik Ceiling Cats:

11 Were der no Geeks or Juice, circumcision nor uncircumcision, Barbarian, Scythian, leash nor free: but Sky Catz is all, An in all.

12 Jest do it, pick uv Ceiling Cats, holy and most likked, petting rectum, warm milk, small bag uv kibble, mewing, scratchy ears;

13 Stop it, pet nudder catz, if squirrelz not gud: if Sky Catz scratch youse hed, so also youse.

14 Most give uddrs yer kibble, datz like cheezbrgrz.

15 Gots nappy Ceiling Cats inna youse ticker, srsly dats big banana; anna youse meowing.

16 Ceiling Cats inna yer azzez; teached and spanked like meowing in alleyway, meow-meow-meow-meow meow-meow-meow-meow for kibble anna happy tickers fur Sky Catz.

17 An doin stuffz, do fer kitten Jebus, tanks Ceiling Cat anna big daddy Yo!.

18 She pussez, giv itup to yer dadaz, cuz Sky Catz luv it.

19 Dadaz, do yer pussez, An no sour pussz.

20 Kittnz, do watchr dadaz sez: make Ceiling Cats purr.

21 Dadaz, donna poke yer kittnz earz, theyz RAWR, srsly.

22 Slave chix, giv itup to yer massas; not da gobble-gobble, as d00d-dooers; butz lik meowing mewing, RAWR goes Ceiling Cats;

23 Watever, jus duz it, to Sky Catz, An not da peeps, Im sirius;

24 Youse duz it gud youse get clean littrboxz: youse now slavin Teh Jebus.

25 But duz it badn yer skrewd: anna no clean littrboxz fur youse, I tells ya, srsly.

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Colossians 3
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