Ephesians 6

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New Testament


Tiny Kittns nd Parenz

1 Tiny kittns, Ceiling Cat say yu shud lisn 2 yur parenz.2 "Lisn 2 teh mom nd dad kittehs."3 If yu do, yu will haev long laif nd it will be gud.

4 2 teh Dad kittehs: no maek teh tiny kittns mad by bein unfair. Be fair like Ceiling Cat.

Teh Servntz nd Teh Maztrs

5 Servntz, lisn 2 yur maztrs liek yu lisn 2 teh Ceiling Cat.6 Not just be gud wen they is watching, but alwayz.7 Be happy, liek yu is wurking for teh Ceiling Cat.8 Ceiling Cat givez teh cheezburgers to teh kittehs who r gud, no mattr who is servnt nd who is maztr.

9 Maztrs: teh Ceiling Cat sais be nice, nd no yellin at teh wurker kittehs. Ceiling Cat dusnt liek yu better than teh wurker kittehs.

Ceiling Cat: Teh Armurz

10 Ceiling Cat will maek yu strong.11 Put on teh armurz Ceiling Cat givez yu, so yu pwn Basement Cat.12 We not pwn otehr normul kittehs, but Basement Cat nd his invisibul kittehs.

13 Maek shur yu not forget any of teh armur. That wai yu will pwn.14 There is teh belt of teh trueness and teh body armur of teh gud.15 Teh armur shoes iz maed of teh FAQ, so yu can has brainz.16 Dun forget teh sheeld! It savs yur laif frum teh firy arows.17 Helmet is made of saves, and teh sword is of teh Hovrcat.

18 Prey 2 teh Ceiling Cat all teh timez. Not fall asleep or forget to preyz!19 Whiel yur at it, preyz 4 me 2. Ask Ceiling Cat givez me teh brains to unnerstand teh plan.20 I is in chains. Prey lots!


21 BTW, mah friend Tykikus will b comin 2 tel yu bout me. He is gud at halpin wit stuf.22 Thats wai I sent him- to halp yu nd give yu LOLs.

23 Peace out fello kittehs.24 Ceiling Cat luvs yu!

Ephesians 6
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