Esther 1

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Old Testament

1 Wuz Ahasuerus (Ahasuerus rulz Injuns An Ethiopia an all teh kittehs btwn, lotz o plazes)2 King Ahasuerus haz chair and big houz in Shushan3 In teh third yeer, he maked cheezburgrs An cookies, giv to prinz An servntz; teh powerz Purrsia n Media wuz ther

4 He haz lots shiny thingz, took long time 2 show5 He haz partee for 7 dayz in teh leaves in teh houz6 Was hangin things to play wit and bedz to sleep7 Lotz to drinkz8 King sayd to every cat in houz, drink lotz

9 Queen Vashti also haz partee11 Getz Vashti so i can sho her like shiny things12 Vashti went AFK. king got agro

13 King askd smrt ppl:14 Wit 7 princes15 Wht shd hapn wit Vashti, she iz gai

16 Memucan sai Vishti hert every boy lolcat17 Vishti inspyr all girlz to be bad18 Teh ladyz now haz rath

19 Royl comand dat king find nother grl21 King was like happycat22 erwon got letterz

Esther 1
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