Esther 2

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Old Testament

1 King Ahasuerus was lke happycat, he remeberd Vashti and lost happy2 Servntz askd for yung virginz for king3 King made head lolcats to find virginz and bring 2 houz, they given loot for make prety4 Teh grl who make king mostest happycat winz lol An take vishti places

5 Ther was mordecai son of benjamite6 was careed from cat city7 Mordecai haz esther for dawter cuz paretnz ded8 Lotz of ppl brawt to houz cluding esther9 Esther pleez hegai cuz esther has flavor and got bestest roomz in teh houz

10 Esther no showz peeps she jewz11 Mordecai was interested cat is interested bout esther12 Grls got rdy for PENIS GOES WHERE wit king 4 yeer and given l00t to get prety13 All grls went to king wit l00t14 Esther waz caled esther

15 Lotz of ppl thinks esther haz flavor16 On 7 yeer rule esther haz PENIS GOES WHERE17 King haz luv 4 esther because she haz flavor and other vrginz are doing it wrong; esther got hat18 King haz make cheezburgers and kookies for prinzs An esther

19 Virginz was togeder with mordecai sees what you do there on gate20 Esther no tellz ppl she jewz cuz mordecai sayz so21 Mordecai saw what bigthan and teresh did there22 Mordecai tellz esther An esther tells king what bigthan and teresh sayz23 Teh king killz them guyz ded and wrote down what happenz

Esther 2
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