Esther 4

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Old Testament

1 Mordecai no want, he putz on sad clothes An hissed2 Went to teh gate of teh houz3 Al plases ppl haz sad An jewz no haz cheezburgers An hissing

4 Esther herd bout dis stuffs and had sad, she sent prity shirt to mordecai but he no want5 Esther tellz hatach go get mordecai an askz him wazzup

6 He did7 Mordecai waz leik haman is gonna kil al jewz An giv cheezburgers to king8 Mordecai tellz hatach 2 tellz esther 2 tellz king to stop wtf r u doin

9 He did10 Esther tel hatach go 2 mordecai agen11 Esther waz leik tel Mordecai king wil kil me if i go to him becuz it lawz

12 He did13 Mordecai waz leik do it n e way14 If u dont ur parentz will be pwnd

15 Esther sai rdy set go16 Esther sayz tel jewz no eet cheezburgerz or drinkz for 3 dayz An i go 2 king An i mite di

17 He did

Esther 4
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