Esther 7

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Old Testament

1 so king n haman n esther b havin tasty foodz.2 tasty foodz wuz gud so king ask esther "wot u want dis time?"

3 esther sez "i can haz life n mi ppl can haz life?4 cuz mi ppl haz been solded into nonlivng n dat not gud. not mind beeng solded 4 work, but not living v bad."

5 so king askz "hoo wud mayke u ded?6 n esther sez "lol haman" n haman wuz scarded7 king went 4 walkies so haman askded esther for merci

8 but king not happi 2 cum bak n find haman on esthers bed. king ask "u trying to SURPRIZE BUTTSECKS mi wife?" so servents cum 2 tell haman to stfu noob and tuk him awai.9 n one gai sez 2 king "luk at v big rope swing haman builded 4 mordecai" n king sez "lol neck swing 4 haman insted"10 n wen haman wuz swinging from big rpe swing, king b happy agin.

Esther 7
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