Exodus 10

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Old Testament
Teh Eighth Playg: Locustes

1 Teh Ceiling Cat sed un2 Moses, go 2 Pharaoh: 4 i hav made is hert hard2 An tell everybodys arond Egypt tht i hav been da 1 makin all da plagues

3 So Moses an Aaron went 2 Pharaoh n sed 2 um "Ceiling Cat say, God ov teh Hebrews, how lng do i havva wait til yu let meh peepohl out?"4 "Or il open dis box ov flyin buggies"5 An der wil b so many dat u wnt beable 2 see trees no mores6 An dey shall goin in2 all da houses n mess evey fing up!" so Moses an Aaron lft.

7 An Pharorahs m8s got mad n sed "how lng u gonna be lettin dem ppl go? hurry cos i dnt want no buggies on me"

8 An Moses an Aaron came bk 2 Pharaoh so Pharaoh sed "Go, serve ur Ceiling Cat, wot u hangin round here 4?"

9 An Moses replyd "OK"

10 An e sed on2 him "Let Ceiling Cat be wivs u"11 Not so: go yea tht mean serve Ceiling Cat!!!1

12 An teh Ceiling Cat sed 2 Moses "Streth ur hands out"

13 Den it got reeli windi n sum Locusts came n blew everywer14 An da locusts went everi wher all ova15 Dey covad da faces in da hole earth an dey ate all da froots

16 Teh Pharaoh cld for Moses an Aaron n haste an he sed "iv dun anotha invisable error!"17 Now use can go lyke n da ppl

18 An hee went 2 Pharaoh n in teated da Ceiling Cat19 An teh Ceiling Cat got all da Locusts bk20 But den Pharaoh changd is mind

Anodder Playg: Hey! Who Turnd Owt Teh Lites?

21 An da Ceiling Cat sed 2 Moses "look, im gona turn dah lites off so itll be reely dark kay?"22 An Moses strthchd is arms out n den it wis dark23 But he let ppl in Israel hav lite

24 An Pharaoh changd bk is mind n sed dat da peephol cud go

25 An Moses sed "OK"26 "But wer bringin da cows wiv us n tht ok" he added.

27 But den Pharoah chnged his mind!!!!28 Den Pharorah sed "Stay awey frum meh Moses kthxbai"

29 An Moses sed "Fien Den!!"

Exodus 10
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