Exodus 11

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Old Testament

Tenth plaig: oldst sunz get sik an di

1 Ceiling Cat telz Moses: Wun mor plaig. This taim 4 shur. This taim U can has exit visa frum Ejippd.2 Tellz ur male kittahs and female kittahs baoth 2 axsk fer silber an goald frum dair Ejippshin neybor d00dz.3 They be OK wit givven U dat stuf. Dey likes U guyz. I fixd it dat wey, k?

4 Moses sez to Pharaoh: "Midnites, I can has naice stroll aroun Ejippd. Not so naice reezn Y I can has naice stroll.5 Den, all oldst sunz in Ejippd R offd. Fall down, go boom! Pharaoh #1 sun byebye. Slave #1 sun byebye. Even moocow #1 sun byebye.6 All Ejippd cry'n'cry. Lowdst evah cry'n'cry.7 But no cryin in da Israel howsez. Even dogz no bark neer Israel howzes. Ceiling Cat fixs things good.8 Den U will giv us da royal boot, an we be out of Ejippd. Yay! knothxbai!" Dhen angri Moses stompd awai frum Pharaoh.

9 Ceiling Cat sed 2 Moses: "Pharaoh wont listen, so U gotta go wit da stroll, an I'll tak da toll.10 Ceiling Cat wuz rite! Pharaoh dint lissen. He refuzed da Israelites thair 1-wei ticktz owt. Boo Pharaoh 4 hiz Invisibl Error!

Exodus 11
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