Exodus 17

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Old Testament

Water frum Roks

1 awl teh izrelites left teh sandbocks of bad, An tehy moovd arownd wehn Ceiling Cat say so. tehy mayd camp at Rephidim, but tehr no were water.2 so teh peepls complaned too Moses An say "gives us waters!!!"

Moses say, "why y00 complane? is y00 giv Ceiling Cat pop quiz?"

3 but teh peepls wus reely therstee An tehy keeped complanes to Moses. tehy say "why u taked us owt of egypp? y00 wanna kill us An ar baybees An ar moocows from therstee?"

4 so Moses prayd to Ceiling Cat An say "wut i d00 wif teh peepls? tehy gonna frow roks at me soon!"

5 Ceiling Cat say to Moses "tayk sum izrelite leedrs An go in front of peepls. dont furget yor stik!6 Iz gonna stan in frunt o y00 on a rok at Mount Sinai. hit teh rok wif teh stik, An waters come owt." So Moses did taht wehn teh izrelite leedrs wachd.

7 tehn taht playse wer calld Massah An Meribah cuz the izrelites complaned An gayv Ceiling Cat pop kwiz an akxed "is Ceiling Cat tehre?"

Go too War wif Amalekites!!1!

8 Amalekites caym An attakk izrelites at Rephidim!!1! teh Amalekites r not reely kites. tehy danjrus.9 Moses say to Joshua "pik owt sum warryurs An armei d00ds to fite teh Amalekites tmorow. Iz gonna stan on teh hill ovr tehre wif my stik."10 Joshua doed wut Moses say An he went to fite teh Amalekites. Moses An Aaron An Hur went to top of teh hill.11 wehn Moses holded his arms up teh izrelites winned An wehn he put his arms down teh Amalekites winned.12 Moseses arms gotted tired. so Aaron An Hur gayv him a big rok to sit on An tehy standed nex to him An holded up his arms til sun goed down.13 so Joshua ttly winned over Amalekites.

14 tehn Ceiling Cat say to Moses, "write teh storei of teh win, so teh peepls rememer it frever. An say to Josh taht iz gonna destroy Amalekites."15 Moses builded a altar An it had name "Ceiling Cat is my flag."16 he say "hold up flag ov Ceiling Cat reely hi!! Ceiling Cat fite gainst Amalekites!!"

Exodus 17
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