Exodus 19

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Old Testament
At Meownt S1inaiz

1 after whilz dey found dis desert wif some sand n stuff.2 dey lay on the sofas by da big mountain and snooozed

3 Ceiling cat sed "HAI Moses! tell ur doods4 remembre all the cheezburgers I gaves u n dat other stuff 25 o! an do what i says and iz be protectin u like u'z mai cheezburger.6 u guys can b mai posse!"

7 mozus went and told his d00ds8 n him doods waz like WAI!!

9 den ceiling cat sed "i'm gon' be in ur magic cloud! talkin to ur doods10 so evrbody go cleans ur litter boxes11 cause u gotsta be readies when i show up on s1nai n mai magic cloud12 telz evr1 i no want uz on teh mountain13 if i catches u on teh mountain iz gonna eat u

14 mozus and his peeps cleaned out all their litterboxes, licked demselfes clean15 and mozus told him peeps "lokai. we cleanz now. No more buttsechs til afer Ceiling cat comes back"

16 then there waz big storm and kittehs were like OMGWTFBBQ17 mozus and his peeps went 2 see teh ceiling cat18 Ceiling Cat fell off teh ceiling, and he waz all on fire19 mozus was like wtf and ceiling cat was like chill out d00dz

20 ceilin cat told mozus hai! come sit near the ceiling soz I can talk to yoos better21 mozus went to talk and ceilin cat sed "I like u okay but I'm gonna eat ur peeps if they get up in mai biz22 even the ones wif cheezburgers"

23 mozus was like "omg ttly under control dood"

24 an ceiling cat was like"okai okai u can bring arron 2"25 an mozus was like "sweet deal"

Exodus 19
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