Exodus 23

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Old Testament


Rools 4 justice n mercy

1 U no b lyin! dat is for dogs. Speakin of dogs, U no help them

2 U dont do somfing jus cause all teh other kittehs do.3 An don't be extra nice to kittehs just cause they got no cheezburgers

4 If U finds sumbody's cheezburger, gives it bak5 An if u find teh buket, takes it bak to lolrus, even tho he don laik u

6 Ickle kittehs need cheezburgers 2!7 U no use lazor eyes if they no deserve it

8 U no take cheezburgers for bribes.

9 U no use lazor eyes on strangers

Caturday lawz

10 U maik cheezburgers 4 six years11 Then u no have cheezburgers in sevefnt year

12 6 dayz do werk, but den iz caturday when do no werk - ur petz, maidz, and nayburs. u prolly be too hungover newais13 No want to hear u talkin to other ceiling cats!! DO NOT WANT!!

Three pArtayz

14 U have 3 partaiz a yearjust for ceiling cat

15 Teh first 1 is teh day ov pizza. U eat pizza all week til i sais stop.16 Teh number two iz teh day ov catnips. U go craiizy til i sais stop. teh last 1 iz day ov CHEEZBURGERS. it will b known as supercaturday


18 U no bring ceiling cat cold cheezburgers. no want. only fresh

19 U gives teh bests stuffs to teh Ceiling Cat. U no can haz cheezburgr.

Ceiling Cat sends Angelkitteh

20 Ceiling cat sed "okai I sends u an angelkitteh to show what to do21 U no piss off teh angelkitteh cause he won't hesitate to uze his lazor eyes. Srsly.22 Ifn u no piss angelkitteh off, he iz kitteh ov mass destrucshunz23 Angelkitteh will lazor eyes all the lolruses,lolpugs,lolsquirrels and lolhamsters that be in ur waiz24 U no listen to Wall Cats or Ninja Cats or Diabetus. Only Ceiling Cat.25 Bow before ceiling cat and i will bring u cheezburgers and beer26 1 up! now u hais 10 lifez!

27 Angelkitteh go in dark closet first28 All teh other guys be like OH NOES!29 An teh other guys run ways.30 Pwnage. srsly.

31 Ceiling cat gived u all teh house from teh puter keyboard to teh warm spot in front of teh fridgerator and fromz teh litterbocks to teh kittehdoor32 U no talk to wallcats. No want.33 No let wallcats down to teh floor. they will cause invisible error and epic fail.

Exodus 23
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