Exodus 25

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Old Testament

offringz for tabernakle (liek a kitchen tabel i tink)

1 Oh hai. So. TopCat saied to mozus2 "tell ur doodz i wantz cheezburgers. you getz dem from evry kitteh you knowz3 OH an u getz me blingz. gold and silvrz4 OH an i can has yarn for playingz??"5 an teh Topcat demanded skinz ov seacows (no jokez)6 pluz sum perfumz7 an mabey sum a dem pretty jools

8 tehn TopcaT saiz make sanctuaryz 4 him9 an dooz it zactly how he saiz!

Teh Ark

10 "U maikz a bocks out ov wood. wif ur tules n stuff. U good at taht rite?11 tehn u coverz it wif blingz. I lieks blingz12 now maikz ringz for poelz soz u can carrie it. (iz sure not gonna do it)13 maek sure teh poelz aer gold too!14 u can carriez it now15 an doant taek teh poelz out now (u might poeks ur eyez)16 now put teh testimoniez in

17 okai now u maeks a top 4 it.18 an put two wingCatz on both siedz19 put dem facin each otehr leik tehys playing chess or soemtin20 maek tehy'r wingz big and prettie k?21 an doant forgit to put teh cover on teh top ov teh bocks. iz teh whole point.22 wehn u get done i gives moer structions. kthnxbai

Teh Table

23 mak table ov acacia wood—2 cubits long, cubit wide an cubit an half high.24 overlay it wif pure gold an mak gold moldin around it.25 also mak around it rim handbreadth wide an put gold moldin on teh rim.26 mak 4 gold rings 4 da table an fasten them 2 teh 4 corners, wer teh 4 legs r.27 teh rings r 2 be close 2 teh rim 2 hold teh polez usd in carryin teh table.28 mak teh polez ov acacia wood, overlay them wif gold an carry teh table wif them.29 an mak itz platez an dishez ov pure gold, as well as itz pitchers an bowls 4 da pourin out ov offerings.30 put teh bread ov teh presence on dis table 2 be before me at all tiems.

Teh Lampstand

31 mak lampstand ov pure gold. hammr out itz base an shaft, an mak itz flowerlike cups, budz an blosoms ov wan piece wif them.32 6 branchez r 2 extend frum teh sidez ov teh lampstand—3 on wan side an 3 on teh othr.33 3 cups shapd liek almond flowers wif budz an blosoms r 2 be on wan branch, 3 on teh next branch, an teh same 4 all 6 branchez extendin frum teh lampstand.34 an on teh lampstand thar r 2 be 4 cups shapd liek almond flowers wif budz an blosoms.35 wan bud shall be undr teh furst pair ov branchez extendin frum teh lampstand, second bud undr teh second pair, an third bud undr teh third pair—6 branchez in all.36 teh budz an branchez shall all be ov wan piece wif teh lampstand, hammerd out ov pure gold.37 "den mak itz 7 lamps an set them up on it so dat they light teh space in frunt ov it.38 itz wick trimmers an trays r 2 be ov pure gold.39 talent ov pure gold iz 2 be usd 4 da lampstand an all thees accesoriez.40 c dat u mak them accordin 2 teh pattern shown u on teh mountain.

Exodus 25
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