Exodus 30

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Old Testament


teh altar ov incense

1 "mak an altar ov acacia wood 4 burnin incense.2 it 2 be square, cubit long an cubit wide, an 2 cubits high [a]—itz horns ov wan piece wif it.3 overlay teh top an all teh sidez an teh horns wif pure gold, an mak gold moldin around it.4 mak 2 gold rings 4 da altar below teh moldin—2 on each ov teh opposiet sidez—2 hold teh polez usd 2 carry it.5 mak teh polez ov acacia wood an overlay them wif gold.6 put teh altar in frunt ov teh curtain dat shieldz teh ark ov teh covenant law—before teh atonement covr dat iz ovar teh tablets ov teh covenant law—wer im gonna meet wif u.7 "aaron must burn fragrant incense on teh altar evry mornin when he tendz teh lamps.8 he must burn incense again when he litez teh lamps at twilight so incense will burn regularly before teh lord 4 da generashuns 2 come.9 do not offr on dis altar any othr incense or any burnt offerin or grain offerin, an do not pour drink offerin on it.10 once yer aaron shall mak atonement on itz horns. dis annual atonement must be made wif teh blood ov teh atonin sin offerin [b] 4 da generashuns 2 come. it most holy 2 teh lord."

teh tonement' money

11 den teh lord sed 2 mosez,12 "when u taek census ov teh israelitez 2 count them, each wan must pai teh lord ranzom 4 his life at teh tiem he iz countd. den no plague will come on them when u numbr them.13 each wan hoo crosez ovar 2 dose already countd iz 2 giv half shekel, [c] accordin 2 teh sanctuary shekel, which weighs twenty gerahs. dis half shekel iz an offerin 2 teh lord.14 all hoo cros ovar, dose twenty yeers old or moar, r 2 giv an offerin 2 teh lord.15 teh rich r not 2 giv moar than half shekel an teh poor r not 2 giv les when u mak teh offerin 2 teh lord 2 atone 4 ur livez.16 receiv teh atonement money frum teh israelitez an use it 4 da service ov teh tent ov meetin. it will be memorial 4 da israelitez before teh lord, makin atonement 4 ur livez."

Teh basin 4 washin

17 den teh lord sed 2 mosez,18 "mak bronze basin, wif itz bronze stand, 4 washin. place it tween teh tent ov meetin an teh altar, an put watr in it.19 aaron an his sons r 2 wash their hanz an feet wif watr frum it.20 whenevr they entr teh tent ov meetin, they shall wash wif watr so dat they will not dye. also, when they approach teh altar 2 ministr by presentin fud offerin 2 teh lord,21 they shall wash their hanz an feet so dat they will not dye. dis ar teh 2 be lastin ordinance 4 aaron an his descendants 4 da generashuns 2 come."

Teh anointin oil

22 den teh lord sed 2 mosez,23 "taek teh followin fine spicez: 500 shekels [d] ov liquid myrrh, half as mutch (dat iz, 250 shekels) ov fragrant cinnamon, 250 shekels [e] ov fragrant calamus,24 500 shekels ov casia—all accordin 2 teh sanctuary shekel—an hin [f] ov oliv oil.25 mak thees into sacrd anointin oil, fragrant blend, teh werk ov perfumr. it will be teh sacrd anointin oil.26 den use it 2 anoint teh tent ov meetin, teh ark ov teh covenant law,27 teh table an all itz articlez, teh lampstand an itz accesoriez, teh altar ov incense,28 teh altar ov burnt offerin an all itz utensils, an teh basin wif itz stand.29 u shall consecrate them so they will be most holy, an whatevr touchez them will be holy.30 "anoint aaron an his sons an consecrate them so they cud serve me as priests.31 say 2 teh israelitez, dis ar teh 2 be mah sacrd anointin oil 4 da generashuns 2 come.32 do not pour it on anyone elsez body an do not mak any othr oil usin teh same formula. it sacrd, an u r 2 considr it sacrd.33 whoevr makez perfume liek it an puts it on anyone othr than priest must be cut off frum their peeps. "

teh incense

34 den teh lord sed 2 mosez, "taek fragrant spicez—gum resin, onycha an galbanum—an pure frankincense, all in equal amounts,35 an mak fragrant blend ov incense, teh werk ov perfumr. it 2 be saltd an pure an sacrd.36 grind sum ov it 2 powdr an place it in frunt ov teh ark ov teh covenant law in da tent ov meetin, wer im gonna meet wif u. it shall be most holy 2 u.37 do not mak any incense wif dis formula 4 yourselvez; considr it holy 2 teh lord.38 whoevr makez incense liek it 2 enjoy itz fragrance must be cut off frum their peeps."

Teh Footnotes
  • a - exodus 30:2 dat iz, bout 1 1/2 feet long an wide an 3 feet high or bout 45 sentimeters long an wide an 90 sentimeters high
  • b - exodus 30:10 or purificashun offerin
  • c - exodus 30:13 dat iz, bout 1/5 ounce or bout 5.7 grams; also in verse 15
  • d - exodus 30:23 dat iz, bout 12 1/2 poundz or bout 5.8 kilograms; also in verse 24
  • e - exodus 30:23 dat iz, bout 6 1/4 poundz or bout 2.9 kilograms
  • f - exodus 30:24 dat iz, probably bout 1 gallon or bout 3.6 liters
Exodus 30
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