Ezekiel 35

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Old Testament

A profecy against edom

1 teh werd ov teh lord came 2 me:2 "son ov man, set ur face against mount seir; profesy against it3 an say: dis ar teh wut teh sovereign lord sez: im against u, mount seir, an im gonna stretch out mah hand against u an mak u desolate waste.4 im gonna turn ur towns into ruins an u will be desolate. Den u will knoe dat i r lord.5 " cuz u harbord an ancient hostility an deliverd teh israelitez ovar 2 teh sword at teh tiem ov their calamity, teh tiem their punishment reachd itz climax,6 therefore as surely as i liv, declarez teh sovereign lord, im gonna giv u ovar 2 bloodshd an it will pursue u. Since u did not hate bloodshd, bloodshd will pursue u.7 im gonna mak mount seir desolate waste an cut off frum it all hoo come an go.8 im gonna fill ur mountains wif teh slain; dose killd by teh sword will fall on ur hills an in ur valleys an in all ur ravinez.9 im gonna mak u desolate forevr; ur towns will not be inhabitd. Den u will knoe dat i r lord.10 " cuz u has sed, "thees 2 nashuns an countriez will be ours an we will taek posesshun ov them," even though i teh lord wuz thar,11 therefore as surely as i liv, declarez teh sovereign lord, im gonna treat u in accordance wif teh angr an jealousy u showd in ur hatrd ov them an im gonna mak myself known among them when i judge u.12 den u will knoe dat i teh lord has herd all teh contemptible things u has sed against teh mountains ov israel. U sed, "they has been laid waste an has been given ovar 2 us 2 devour."13 u boastd against me an spoke against me without restraint, an i herd it.14 dis ar teh wut teh sovereign lord sez: while teh whole earth rejoicez, im gonna mak u desolate.15 cuz u rejoicd when teh inheritance ov teh houz ov israel became desolate, dat iz how im gonna treat u. U will be desolate, o mount seir, u an all ov edom. Den they will knoe dat i r lord. "

Ezekiel 35
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