Ezekiel 36

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Old Testament
Ezekiel 36
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Lamentations Daniel Ezekiel 35 Ezekiel 37

A Profesy too teh Mowntins uv da Israel Plaes

1 Sun of kittehs, sea teh futr uv teh big tall mountins in Israel an sai, 'O hai mowntins! So, srly, listen to Ceiling Cat rite now.2 Bcuz dat fluffy cat sayd: hears wut those bad dogz saiz uv yu, "AHA! We hav teh old tall fings.'"3 So luuk into teh futr an sai, 'Dis is wut sovrin Ceiling Cat sez: Becuz yoo wer so bad, uther animls ar talkin bad about yoo in all the nashuns!4 so, yoo big mowntins, keep listnin to Ceiling Cat becus he's still talkin to yew an teh hills an teh icky watrs we hait so much, an teh vallies, an even to teh towns wer der arent any kittehs!5 Ceiling Cat saiz: In mai burnin zeel iv spoken aginst da udder nashuns an aginst all Edom, cuz they took my cheeseburgers an den smiled abowt it.6 So sumwun's gotta profesy da futr uv dese mountins an hills Ceiling Cat wuz jus talkin too. Cuz he's prty mad about the stealin'.7 So in teh wurdz uv Ceiling Cat: yu can haz cheezeburger? NO! NO CHEEZEBURGERS OR COOKIEZ FOR YU!

8 "But four teh prty mowntins, yes! tehy will haz so many cheezeburgrz an cookies an teh kittehs on dem will be so happi.9 Ima maek sure no bad fings coem neer yu.10 yur kittens will be moar and moar an yu'll have pets an milk an nise big beds.11 Theyrs gonna be mice to pwn and katnip all ovr an then yu'll noe dat Ceiling Cat is Ceiling Cat.12 O and also israeli kats r gunna coem ovr an say hai an yu r supposd to giv them ur stuffs and mayb sum cheeseburgrs. iz okay, srsly. jus do it.

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