Ezekiel 44

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Old Testament

1 And he bringd me bak to teh gatewayz n sanctury, what iz face east: but OMG it were clozed!2 And cieling cat goez: Shut gate is shut lol, it stay shut n no kitteh kan go thru kk?? WHY i here yoo ask wel is cuz teh cieling cat yoozed teh gate, n we keep it shutted3 foar teh yunger cieling cat. He wil liek sit in it, so he kan nom bredz in frunt of cieling cat: he wil yooze catflap in porch of teh gate for enterz AND exitz.4 And he maked me go froo teh gate from n0rthz wher we saw teh house (hope is not hornted lol): n me saw, n OMG teh gloriez of cieling cat filled teh cieling cat wurship house: n me fell on mai facez n hope i dnt brake my wiskers or i crai.5 AND THEN cieleng cat woz lyk: son of kittehs, pay attenshun k?! cuz imma say stuff bout lyk ceremoneez of ma crib, n all its roolz: also PAY ATENSHUN to teh wayz of ma crib, wiv all teh kittehz who is leevin it.6 U gotta say dis to Isreals crib (wot well annoyz meh): "this iz mewingz of cieling cat: do bad fingz i dnt care:

Ezekiel 44
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