Ezekiel 46

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Old Testament

1 Ceilingcat sai 'For six dais a weak, put teh East doar of teh inside of teh temple shut. Open it on teh Sundays, and teh moon partees.2 Teh princecat shud go thru teh porch. Him shud stand bai teh gait. Teh priestcats shud burn him burnt mices and frendship mices. Him wurship at teh doar. Then he leave, but teh doar shudn't shut until nitetymes.3 On teh Sundays and teh moon partees, teh d00dz shud meat at teh doar and do wurhsip, K?4 Teh princecat shud bring burnt mices too meh on teh Sundays. Six baby boi mices, and a daddy mice. Teh mices shud be purrfect. Srsly.5 Princecat must give half teh bushel of teh grains wiv teh daddy mice, teh grains he gives wiv teh baby mices can be as much as he wants. Srsly. Him also give four kwartz of teh oil for evry half bushl of teh grains.6 On teh moon party, teh princecat must also giv a baby rat, six baby mices and teh daddy mice. Thai must also be purfict an stuffs.

Ezekiel 46
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