Ezra 6

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Old Testament
Darius Bosses Peeps Arownd

1 Darius tole evreewun to go lok in teh libery.2 An tehy fownd a book an it sed:
3 Cyrus was bossin ppl round an he tld em to go bild a hows for Ceiling Cat cuz he dint no Ceiling Cat alredy had a ohuse els how cud he be in ceiling? Anewai he said:
 Biuld a big ole house
4 wif roks an wood, srsly. I is gona pai for it.5 Nebuchadnezzar, taht sapceshipp frm Teh Matricks, caryied off al tihs stuf from Ceiling Cat's old hous. Bring it back.

Ezra 6
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