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So you have a great idea for an illustration for the lolcat Bible? Great! Here's how to do it:


LOLCat conventions

There's a fairly well-understood format for LOLCat images:

  • There is an image of one or more cats.
  • There is a caption, usually formatted in a sans serif font (Impact is the most common).
  • The caption almost always represents what the cat is saying.
  • The text is white with a black border.
  • The image is as closely-cropped as possible.

Bible illustrations

Illustrations for the LOLCat Bible Translation Project will typically be displayed in a floating frame, with a text caption, and body text floating around it. Images are typically display at approximately 200 pixels wide.

To work as illustrations, therefore, the image needs to be legible at that resolution. The two texts (on the image, and below the image) can be used to help aid readability.

For this reason, you should check your image at a small resolution to see if there are any problems. You may need to adjust the contrast, make the text bigger, or crop more closely.

Obtaining source material

Make sure that you have appropriate legal rights to use whatever source material you use. You have several options here.

Note that the following information is not legal advice.

Public domain images

Public domain images are the best to work from, especially famous religious works. Art and the Bible has a great collection, but there's plenty of other works around that you can build your images on, such as Wikipedia.

Original images

If you have a cat and a camera (usually digital), getting cat pictures is easy. Any images that you take is yours to use as you see fit.

By contributing an image to the LOLCat Bible Translation Project, you probably implicitly give the project a licence to use it on this website, but it would be very nice of you if you explicitly licensed it, say under a Creative Commons licence.

Creative Commons

Flickr is a great source of Creative Commons-licensed images of cats. Just make sure that whatever you use, it is licensed for remixing, and that you obey the terms of the licence. (For example, you should at least credit the source of the photograph on the image's page.)


Photoshop and The Gimp seem popular.

The website [[1]] also provides an online way to create lolcatz images, or you can search online for online lolcat image makers.

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