Habakkuk 2

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Old Testament

1 Me goes on meh chimneys and waits for Ceiling Cat. He ansurz aftr while about I said... and might taeks meh cheezburgers


2 So Ceiling Cat sez: "Here's a tablet, makes it with big pawz so other kittehs can see, k?"

3 "I knoes u be waitin 4 da revelashun, but these things take time. hez comin tho, u wait." (Check back of book if u can't wait)

4 "And chekz it out, k. The kitteh with big thinks about hizself... hiz fur iz not so fluffy, srsly! But, the good kittehs haz the nine lives cuz dey the trust Ceiling Cat."

5 "OMG hiz milks haz catnip and triks him. And hiz big fluffs never haz the happiez and ho goes in teh basement and other kittehs go in tu!"

6 "this guy needz sum srs hatin. Needs to be remindin 'woe to thee who b stealin all those cookiez'."

7 "Cuz one day all those kittehs gonna want they cookiez back, and then it's gonna suck for him"

8 "Y? Cuz you stole all teh cookies, yeah u rly effed stuff up dis time"

9 "Woe to him who get his cookiez by unjust gain, to set his foodbowl on high, to escape the clutches of ruin!

10 ou has plottd teh ruin ov lotz da peoplez, shamin ur own houz an forfeitin ur life.

11 teh stonez ov teh wall will cry out, an teh beams ov teh woodwork will echo it.

12 woe 2 him hoo buildz city wif bloodshd an establishez town by crime!

13 has not CEILING CAT determind dat teh peeps labor iz only fuel 4 da fire, dat teh nashuns exhaust themselvez 4 nothin?

14 da earth will be filld wif teh knowledge ov teh glory ov CEILING CAT, as teh cheez covr teh brgr.

15 woe 2 him hoo givez drink 2 his neighbors, pourin it frum teh wineskin till they r drunk, so dat he can gaze on their nakd bodiez.

{{verse |16=u will be filld wif shame instead ov glory. na

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