Habakkuk 3

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Old Testament
Habakkukz Prayr

1 Im in ur shigionoth, bein a profet.

2 Ceiling CAt, i has herd ov ur fame; i stand in awe ov ur deedz, o Ceiling CAt. renew them in r dai, in r tiem mak them known; in wrath remembr mercy.

3 Ceiling cat came frum Teman, teh holy wan frum mount Paran. his glory coverd teh heavunz an his praize filld teh urths.

4 his splendor wuz liek teh sunrize; rays flashd frum his paw (wuz invisible powr!)

5 plague n pestilence: do not want

6 he stood, an shook teh earth; he lookd, an made teh nashuns tremble. teh ancient mountains crumbld an teh age-old hills collapsd. Ceiling Cat eternally p4wns.

7 i saw teh tents ov Cushan in distres, teh dwellings ov Midian in anguish.

8 wuz u angry wif teh rivers, o Ceiling cat ? wuz ur wrath against teh streams? did u rage against teh sea when u rode wif ur horsez an ur victorious chariots?

9 u uncoverd ur bow, u calld 4 lotz da arrows. Selah. u split teh urths wif rivers;

10 teh mountains saw u an writhd. torrents ov watr swept by; teh deep rawrd an liftd itz wavez on high.

11 Teh Sunz an Moonz tehy stood steel in teh Ceiling; at teh glint of yer flyin hrbls; at teh lite of yer catnip mices.

12 in wrath u strode thru teh urths, an in angr u threshd teh nashuns.

13 u came out 2 delivr ur peeps, 2 save ur anointd wan. u crushd teh leadr ov teh land ov wickednes, u strippd him frum head 2 foot. selah

14 wif his own spear u piercd his head when his warriors stormd out 2 scattr us, gloatin as though bout 2 devour teh wretchd hoo wuz in hidin.

15 u trampld teh sea wif ur horsez, churnin teh great waters.

16 i herd an mah hart poundd, mah lips quiverd at teh sound; decay crept into mah bonez, an mah legs trembld. yet im gonna wait patiently 4 da dai ov calamity 2 come on teh nashun invadin us.

17 though teh fig tree doez not bud an thar r no grapez on teh vinez, though teh oliv crop fails an teh fieldz produce no fud, though thar r no sheep in da pen an no cowsies in da stalls,

18 yet im gonna rejoice in da Ceiling CAt, im gonna be joyful in ceilin cat mah savior.

19 Ceiling Cat makez mah paws like feetz of kitteh ... i meens deerz. He letz me climz up top teh mountainz. Oh hai deejay plz to be playz on mah instramints wit stringz KTHX.

Habakkuk 3
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