Hebrews 12

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New Testament

Ceiling Cat disipplens kittehs he luvs

1 K, we has lots of othar kittehs to halp us liv gud, so dont be lettin ur sinz wai u down, kthx. Ceiling Cat haz uh race, he wunts to show u it. U gots to run teh race fur him.2 When u runnin ur race, be lookin at Jebus--hes teh champion!!!!1! He halp u. Srsly. He dide on teh cross, he pwn shame, n now he livs wit Ceiling Cat.3 Member all teh meen stufz dat hapen to him, n he still pwn evryting, k? So dont giv ups!4 Cuz u not givn in 2 sinz, no wai!!!!1!

5 Didz u furgetted alredy?! Ceiling Cat sez,

"O hai, u taeks mah disipplens srsly, k?
Dont giv ups if Ah taek ur cheezburger from u.
6 Cuz I only disipplens kittehs Ah luv,
N Ah thinks of u as mah litl kitten lolz."

7 So member teh Ceiling Cat treets u liek his very own kittns. Who evr heerd of kittn not gettin disipplens frum teh daddee or mommee kitteh?8 If Ceiling Cat givs u no disipplens, dat meens u not his kidz.9 Just liek we respck our kitteh parents, n do wat dey sez, we shud lissen to Ceiling Cat, so weez can liv wit him furever!!!1!

10 Cuz our kitteh momms and dadees onlie disiplens us for a few yrs, but Ceiling Cat givs us a disipplen whenevr we needz it, so we can has holyness liek he gots.11 Disipplen is no funz, srsly. DO NOT WANT. But when we has a disipplen, we has a better lief after! Woa!!

12 So dont be discurged--be strongs! Make a strate path fur ur paws 2 follow!

Lissen 2 Ceiling Cat, Kthx
Hebrews 12
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