Hebrews 6

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New Testament

1 Therefore let us leef teh elementary teachings bout christ an go on 2 maturity, not layin again teh foundashun ov repentance frum acts dat lead 2 death,[a] an ov faith in ceilin cat,2 Instrucshun bout baptisms, teh layin on ov hanz, teh resurrecshun ov teh ded, an eternal judgment.3 And ceilin cat permittin, we will do so.4 It impozbl fur dose inlytended, dat haz NOM NOMNOMed teh hebenly prezint, dat can has sum HovrCat,5 dat haz NOM NOM NOMMIED teh w00t uv Ceiling Cat's werd n teh ppwerups uv da commin tiem,6 if dose kittehs don keep bleevin n be all "Jebus? No wais! IS A TRAP!!!1" no forgibnez for dem, cos dey killin Jebus all over again an make him Teh Lose.7 Land dat drinx in da rane often fallin on it an dat producez crop useful 2 dose 4 whom it farmd receivez teh blesin ov ceilin cat.8 Butt land dat producez thorns an thistlez iz worthles an iz in dangr ov bean cursd. In da end it will be burnd.9 Even though we speek liek dis, dear frenz, we r confident ov bettr things in ur case - things dat accompany salvashun.10 God iz not unjust; he will not forget ur werk an teh luv u has shown him as u has helpd his peeps an continue 2 halp them.11 We wants each ov u 2 show dis same diligence 2 teh vry end, in ordr 2 mak ur hope sure.12 We do not wants u 2 become lazy, but 2 imitate dose hoo thru faith an patience inherit wut has been promisd.

Teh certainty ov ceilin cats promize

13 When ceilin cat made his promize 2 abraham, since thar wuz no wan greatr 4 him 2 swear by, he swore by him,14 Sayin, "im gonna surely bles u an giv u lotz da descendants."[c]15 And so aftr waitin patiently, abraham receivd wut wuz promisd.16 Wen swear by someone greatr than themselvez, an teh oath confirms wut iz sed an puts an end 2 all argument.17 Because ceilin cat wantd 2 mak teh unchangin nachur ov his purpose vry clear 2 teh heirs ov wut wuz promisd, he confirmd it wif an oath.18 God did dis so dat, by 2 unchangeable things in which it imposible 4 ceilin cat 2 lie, we hoo has fld 2 taek hold ov teh hope offerd 2 us cud be greatly encouragd.19 We has dis hope as an anchor 4 da soul, firm an secure. It enters teh innr sanctuary behind teh curtain,20 Where jesus, hoo went before us, has enterd on r behalf. He has become high priest forevr, in da ordr ov melchizedek.

Teh Footnotez

  • a - Hebrews 6:1 or frum useles rituals
  • b - Hebrews 6:6 or repentance while
  • c - Hebrews 6:14 gen. 22:17
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