Hebrews 8

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New Testament

Teh high priest ov new covenant

1 The point ov wut we r sayin iz dis: we do has such high priest, hoo sat down at teh rite hand ov teh throne ov teh majesty in heaven,2 And hoo servez in da sanctuary, teh true tabernacle set up by teh lord, not by man.3 Every high priest iz appointd 2 offr both gifts an sacrificez, an so it wuz necesary 4 dis wan also 2 has somethin 2 offr.4 If he wuz on earth, he wud not be priest, 4 thar r already doodz hoo offr teh gifts prescribd by teh law.5 They serve at sanctuary dat iz copy an shadow ov wut iz in heaven. Dis ar teh y mosez wuz warnd when he wuz bout 2 build teh tabernacle: "c 2 it dat u mak evrythin accordin 2 teh pattern shown u on teh mountain."[a]6 Butt teh ministry jebus has receivd iz as superior 2 theirs as teh covenant ov which he iz mediator iz superior 2 teh old wan, an it foundd on bettr promisez.7 For if thar had been nothin wrong wid dat furst covenant, no place wud has been sought 4 anothr.8 Butt ceilin cat findz fault wif teh peeps an sed[b]: "teh tiem iz comin, declarez teh lord, When im gonna mak new covenant Wif teh houz ov israel An wif teh houz ov judah.9 It will not be liek teh covenant I made wif their forefathers When i took them by teh hand 2 lead them out ov egypt, Cuz they did not remain faithful 2 mah covenant, An i turnd away frum them, declarez teh lord.10 This iz teh covenant im gonna mak wif teh houz ov israel Aftr dat tiem, declarez teh lord. Im gonna put mah laws in their mindz An rite them on their hearts. Im gonna be their ceilin cat, An they will be mah peeps.11 No longr will man teach his neighbor, Or man his brothr, sayin, knoe teh lord, Cuz they will all knoe me, Frum teh least ov them 2 teh greatest.12 For im gonna forgiv their wickednes An will remembr their sins no moar."[c]13 Bye callin dis covenant "new," he has made teh furst wan obsolete; an wut iz obsolete an agin will soon disappear.

Teh Footnotez

  • a - Hebrews 8:5 exodus 25:40
  • b - Hebrews 8:8 sum manuscripts cud be tranzlatd fault an sed 2 teh peeps.
  • c - Hebrews 8:12 jeremiah 31:31-34
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