Hosea 14

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Old Testament

I Can Has Repentance???

1 Return, o israel, 2 teh lord ur ceilin cat. Ur sins has been ur downfall!2 Taek werdz wif u An return 2 teh lord. Say 2 him: "forgiv all r sins An receiv us graciously, Dat we cud offr teh fruit ov r lips. [a]3 Assyria cant save us; We will not mount war-horsez. We will nevr again say r godz 2 wut r own hanz has made, 4 in u teh fatherles find compashun."4 "im gonna heal their waywardnes An luv them freely, 4 mah angr has turnd away frum them.5 Im gonna be liek teh dew 2 israel; He will blosom liek lily. Liek cedar ov lebanon He will send down his roots;6 His young shoots will grow. His splendor will be liek an oliv tree, His fragrance liek cedar ov lebanon.7 Doodz will dwell again in his shade. He will flourish liek teh grain. He will blosom liek vine, An his fame will be liek teh wine frum lebanon.8 O efraim, wut moar has i [b] 2 do wif idols? Im gonna anzwr him an care 4 him. Im liek green pine tree; Ur fruitfulnes comez frum me."9 Hoo iz wize? He will realize thees things. Hoo iz discernin? He will understand them. Teh ways ov teh lord r rite; Teh righteous walk in them, But teh rebellious stumble in them.

Teh Footnotez

  • a - Hosea 14:2 or offr r lips as sacrificez ov bulls
  • b - Hosea 14:8 or wut moar has efraim
Hosea 14
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