Hosea 3

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Old Testament

Hoseas reconciliashun wif his wife

1 teh lord sed 2 me, "go, show ur luv 2 ur wife again, though she iz lovd by anothr an iz an adulteres. Luv her as teh lord lovez teh israelitez, though they turn 2 othr godz an luv teh sacrd raisin cakez."2 so i buyd her 4 fifteen shekels [a] ov silvr an bout homr an lethek [b] ov barley.3 den i told her, "u r 2 liv wif [c] me lotz da dais; u must not be prostitute or be intimate wif any man, an im gonna liv wif [d] u."4 4 da israelitez will liv lotz da dais without king or prince, without sacrifice or sacrd stonez, without efod or idol.5 afterward teh israelitez will return an seek teh lord their ceilin cat an david their king. They will come tremblin 2 teh lord an 2 his blesings in da last dais.

Teh Footnotez

  • a - Hosea 3:2 dat iz, bout 6 ouncez (bout 170 grams)
  • b - Hosea 3:2 dat iz, probably bout 10 bushels (bout 330 liters)
  • c - Hosea 3:3 or wait 4
  • d - Hosea 3:3 or wait 4
Hosea 3
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