Hosea 6

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Old Testament
Hosea 6
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Daniel Joel Hosea 5 Hosea 7

1 We want Ceiling Cat, he has fed us bad, but he have Felix n milk.

2 In two days He give food, on third He sees us.

3 Then we know if he feed us in teh mornin, and He come to us to give us food n warm milk.

 4 O Ephraim n Judah, what i gotta do? ur goodstuff be gone.

5 i made them wit teh prophets, i killed by my meaows n i been nice to them.

6 i wants mercy, not mice, n knowledge of Ceiling Cat.

7 but like birds they forgots teh covenant, n been evil 2 me.

8 they work in Gilead, covered in blood.

9 as robbers wait, teh priests nick my food n milk as they is lewd.

10 i seen bad tings in Israel: BUTTSECKS in Ephraim.

11 n Judah He have a big feast 4 u, when he come in thro teh catflap.

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