Hosea 8

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Old Testament

Israel 2 reap teh whirlwind

1 2-israel criez out 2 me, O r ceilin cat, we acknowledge u! 3 but israel has rejectd wut iz gud; An enemy will pursue him.4 they set up kings without mah consent; They choose princez without mah approval. Wif their silvr an gold They mak idols 4 themselvez 2 their own destrucshun.5 throw out ur calf-idol, o samaria! Mah angr burns against them. How long will they be incapable ov purity?6 they r frum israel! Dis calf - a craftsman has made it; It not ceilin cat. It will be brokd in piecez, Dat calf ov samaria.7 "they sow teh wind An reap teh whirlwind. Teh stalk has no head; It will produce no flour. Wuz it 2 yield grain, Foreigners wud swallow it up.8 israel iz swallowd up; Nao she iz among teh nashuns Liek worthles ting.9 4 they has gone up 2 assyria Liek wild donkey wanderin alone. Efraim has sold herself 2 lovers.10 although they has sold themselvez among teh nashuns, Im gonna nao gathr them togethr. They will begin 2 waste away Undr teh oppreshun ov teh mighty king.11 "though efraim built lotz da altars 4 sin offerings, Thees has become altars 4 sinnin.12 i wrote 4 them teh lotz da things ov mah law, But they regardd them as somethin alien.13 they offr sacrificez given 2 me An they eat teh meat, But teh lord iz not pleezd wif them. Nao he will remembr their wickednes An punish their sins: They will return 2 egypt.14 israel has forgotten his makr An built palacez; Judah has fortifid lotz da towns. But im gonna send fire upon their citiez Dat will consume their fortresez."

Hosea 8
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