Isaiah 12

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Old Testament
Isaiah 12
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Teh Song Of Kthx

1 On dat dai, teh kittens sai "Oh Ceiling Cat, ai praise yu, yu wuz mad at me but nao yu hug me.2 Teh Ceiling Cat helpd me so ai will not be frayd ov yu. Teh Ceiling Cat iz mah pop an mah helpr. He giefz meh teh strenth n teh pwr.3 Liek teh fresh wtrz iz gd to drinkz (n only to drinkz, no washin plskthx), dat is liek how teh Ceilin Cat is to teh othr kittehz dat he saevz."4 An on dat dai sai "Praise teh Ceiling Cat, he iz teh pwnz0r. Tel him to helpz yu! Tel teh othr kittehz dat he iz teh awesumness!5 Pls to meowz to teh Ceilin Cat bowt hw much he rawks! Maek sure teh othr kittehz hearz yur meowinz.6 Pls fur all teh kittehz in teh Zion to yowl n meow! Teh Ceilin Cat frm Israel is teh smexx0rz, n he liefs wid his pplz."

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