Isaiah 15

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Old Testament

1 Dis be a da prophecy of Celing Cat towards dat guy Moab. Arrr nd Kir be blownd up, all in da night.2 Dem guys Moab nd Dibon getz all weepy over da dead. Evry Head be chaved, and yur beards be cutted. Srsly3 All yu guyz will be werin ragz nd stuff, all yuz guys will cry, even dem on teh walls.4 Two guys cry ta be herd, der voices go long wayz. Den Moabd menz be all wkea hreated like emo kitteh.5 Mien hart be hirtin for Jo guyz. All youz be running nd runnin all opver da place, cauze I blowed up yur moab.6 All tur water be dry, so youz no moar haz drinkies. All yur greenes be bye too, it beh not good. Srsly.7 Moabz guyz taek all der money, and haz left.8 Der weepings be go far, all hear but dem no carez.9 Daimon will be all da blood, nd moar. Yes I haz da pain, an youz guys can haz eit.

Isaiah 15
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