Isaiah 20

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Old Testament
Isaiah 20
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Song of Solomon Jeremiah Isaiah 19 Isaiah 21

1 So in dat yeer teh Assyrian king kitteh pwned Ashdod n pwned it gud

2 - u kno, dat tiem - Ceiling Cat wuz talkin thru Isaiah, kitteh of Amoz. An Ceiling Cat sez "Oh hai. Nao taek off ur shoes an ur sakz u gotz on." An he did an ran round nekkid fur sum reesin.

3 An Ceiling Cat sez "Look at Isaiah, all nekkid an no shoes fer three yeers, lol. Is sien for Egypt an Cush

4 cuz Assyrian king kitteh gunna pwn uz, kittehs n kittens, wif nekkid buttz, LMAO.

5 An evrbudy no trustin yooz an luffin at ur nekkid buttz.

6 An evrybudy sez, "DO NOT WANT! No can escape Assyria?"

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