Isaiah 21

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Old Testament


Sum Things I Does Not Want

DO NOT WANT: Babylon!

1 An oracle concernin teh desert by teh sea: Liek whirlwindz sweepin thru teh southland, An invadr comez frum teh desert, Frum land ov terror.2 Dire vishun has been shown 2 me: Teh traitor betrays, teh lootr takez loot. Elam, attack! Media, lay siege! Im gonna brin 2 an end all teh groanin she causd.3 At dis mah body iz rackd wif pain, Pangs seize me, liek dose ov woman in labor; Im staggerd by wut i hear, Im bewilderd by wut i c.4 Mah hart falters, Fear makez me tremble; Teh twilight i longd 4 Has become horror 2 me.5 They set teh tablez, They spread teh rugs, They eat, they drink! Git up, u officers, Oil teh shieldz!6 Dis ar teh wut teh lord sez 2 me: "go, post lookout An has him report wut he seez.7 When he seez chariots Wif teams ov horsez, Riders on donkeys Or riders on camels, Let him be alert, Fully alert."8 An teh lookout [a] shoutd, "dai aftr dai, mah lord, i stand on teh watchtowr; Evry nite i stay at mah post.9 Look, her comez man in chariot Wif team ov horsez. An he givez bak teh anzwr: Babylon has fallen, has fallen! All teh imagez ov itz godz Lie shatterd on teh ground! "10 O mah peeps, crushd on teh threshin floor, I tell u wut i has herd Frum teh lord almighty, Frum teh ceilin cat ov israel.


11 An oracle concernin dumah [b] : Someone calls 2 me frum seir, "watchman, wut iz left ov teh nite? Watchman, wut iz left ov teh nite?"12 Teh watchman repliez, "mornin iz comin, but also teh nite. If u wud ask, den ask; An come bak yet again."

DO NOT WANT: Arabia!

13 An oracle concernin arabia: U caravanz ov dedanitez, Hoo camp in da thickets ov arabia,14 Brin watr 4 da thirsty; U hoo liv in tema, Brin fud 4 da fugitivez.15 They flee frum teh sword, Frum teh drawn sword, Frum teh bent bow An frum teh heat ov battle.16 Dis ar teh wut teh lord sez 2 me: "within wan yer, as servant bound by contract wud count it, all teh pomp ov kedar will come 2 an end.17 Teh survivors ov teh bowmen, teh warriors ov kedar, will be few." teh lord, teh ceilin cat ov israel, has spoken.

Teh Footnotez

  • a - Isaiah 21:8 ded sea scrolls an syriac; masoretic text lion
  • b - Isaiah 21:11 dumah meanz silence or stillnes , werdplay on edom .
Isaiah 21
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