Isaiah 22

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Old Testament

1 Teh oreckle consernin Tyres cat and Sid OMFG Tyres cat got pwned it iz reveeld by Sighpuss, Sid merchant cat iz a nub n seacat sez "I aint moved so i iz fat but i not pregerz aiver."

2 teh desert by teh sea cat waz angry over Tyres for geting pwned n iz like "WTH who did thiz??"

3 Ceiling cat sez tat u lost teh glory dayz nd that teh catz had soiled on teh urf nd tat teh big long snakey river was ovafloed or sumin. Ceiling cat comand Canaan cat to pwn itz own big strong place for holdin stuff.

4 Ceiling cat then goez n sez that Chaldy cat pwned Tyres cat. Rememba Tyres cat for seventea yeerz nd sing da song nd remember the lols with Tyres.

5 After da seventea yeerz Ceiling cat will go to da Tyres and take all de stuff like food n cheezburgerz n other stuff tat teh Ceiling cat wantz.

Isaiah 22
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