Isaiah 27

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Old Testament

Deliverance ov israel

1 In dat dai, Teh lord will punish wif his sword, His fierce, great an powerful sword, Leviathan teh glidin serpent, Leviathan teh coilin serpent; He will slay teh monstr ov teh sea.2 In dat day - "sing bout fruitful vineyard:3 I, teh lord, watch ovar it; I watr it continually. I guard it dai an nite So dat no wan cud harm it.4 I r not angry. If only thar wuz briers an thorns confrontin me! I wud march against them in battle; I wud set them all on fire.5 Oar else let them come 2 me 4 refuge; Let them mak peace wif me, Yez, let them mak peace wif me."6 In dais 2 come jacob will taek root, Israel will bud an blosom An fill all teh wurld wif fruit.7 Has teh lord struck her As he struck down dose hoo struck her? Has she been killd As dose wuz killd hoo killd her?8 Bye warfare [a] an exile u contend wif her - Wif his fierce blast he drivez her out, As on dai teh east wind blows.9 Bye dis, den, will jacobs guilt be atond 4, An dis will be teh full fruitage ov teh removal ov his sin: When he makez all teh altar stonez 2 be liek chalk stonez crushd 2 piecez, No asherah polez [b] or incense altars Will be left standin.10 Teh fortifid city standz desolate, An abandond settlement, forsaken liek teh desert; Thar teh calvez graze, Thar they lie down; They strip itz branchez bare.11 When itz twigs r dry, they r brokd off An women come an mak firez wif them. 4 dis ar teh peeps without understandin; So their makr has no compashun on them, An their creator shows them no favor.12 In dat dai teh lord will thresh frum teh flowin eufratez [c] 2 teh wadi ov egypt, an u, o israelitez, will be gatherd up wan by wan.13 An in dat dai great trumpet will sound. Dose hoo wuz perishin in assyria an dose hoo wuz exild in egypt will come an worship teh lord on teh holy mountain in jerusalem.

Teh Footnotez

  • a - Isaiah 27:8 c septuagint; teh meanin ov teh hebrew 4 dis werd iz uncertain.
  • b - Isaiah 27:9 dat iz, symbols ov teh goddes asherah
  • c - Isaiah 27:12 hebrew rivr
Isaiah 27
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