Isaiah 31

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Old Testament

DO NOT WANT: Reliance on Egypt

1 woe 2 dose hoo go down 2 egypt 4 halp, Hoo rely on horsez, Hoo trust in da multitude ov their chariots An in da great strength ov their horsemen, But do not look 2 teh holy wan ov israel, Or seek halp frum teh lord.2 yet he 2 iz wize an can brin disastr; He doez not taek bak his werdz. He will rize up against teh houz ov teh wickd, Against dose hoo halp evildoers.3 but teh egyptianz r mortals an not ceilin cat; Their horsez r flesh an not spirit. When teh lord stretchez out his hand, Dose hoo halp will stumble, Dose hoo r helpd will fall; All will perish togethr.4 dis ar teh wut teh lord sez 2 me: "as lion growls, Great lion ovar itz prey— An though whole band ov sheferdz Iz calld togethr against it, It not frightend by their shouts Or disturbd by their clamor— So teh lord almighty will come down 2 do battle on mount zion an on itz heights.5 liek birdz hoverin overhead, Teh lord almighty will shield jerusalem; He will shield it an delivr it, He will pas ovar it an will rescue it."6 return, u israelitez, 2 teh wan u has so greatly revoltd against.7 4 in dat dai evry wan ov u will reject teh idols ov silvr an gold ur sinful hanz has made.8 "assyria will fall by no hooman sword; Sword, not ov mortals, will devour them. They will flee before teh sword An their young doodz will be put 2 forcd labor.9 their stronghold will fall cuz ov terror; At teh sight ov teh battle standard their commanders will panic," Declarez teh lord, Whose fire iz in zion, Whose furnace iz in jerusalem.

Isaiah 31
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